Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Designs

Hi guys....we had produce 5 designs for your choices: S, M , L, L (Belah), Twist...lets go through the design ref below to measure the length.

Type: S
Price: RM 65
Unit : 1
Item Code: S01
Type: M
Price: RM70
Unit: 1
Item Code: M01

Type: Twist (cos' kena pusing)
Price: RM 70
Unit: 1
Item Code: T01
Insruction to wear:
  • Take from the center line, tarik to left or right of your shoulder.
  • If you pull the line to right,make sure at the same time pull from behind to your left(contrast) Based from your comfortability.
  • Then bile the line da straight atas bahu, btol2 kan sket and pin up with brooch.
  • If you see carefully, ade lekuk tau which will guide you to make sure the other side without pin btol2 at your shoulder :)

Type: L(Belah)

Price: RM80

Unit: 1

Item Code: LB01